Through his level of experience in business entrepreneurship, in conjunction with his draw to explore art, psychology, human behavior, philosophy, and creative writing Alexander has came to realize all his passions have found their expression through stage and screen. 


Born in Basingstoke, UK, to a nanny governess and a United States Air Force Veteran, a career in entertainment wasn’t a natural path.  But through hard work and determination, Alexander’s curiosity to tell stories has driven him to practice with some of the most renowned coaches such as Rachel Paulson, Margie Haber, Alice Carter & Cameron Thor. Alexander has the utmost respect and gratitude for these mentors.

Alexander believes that the most important thing an actor can do is to strive to know ones self.  Knowledge of self allows for creative freedom and honest, organic choices during every take. His positive script analysis, intellect, practical knowledge of film/camera technique and organic intuition work together to breathe life into uniquely layered, expansive and dynamic characters.  

Growing up Alexander was shy and introverted, but was a vast daydreamer who even had two imaginary friends.  He was introduced to the magic of films by his older siblings, which sparked his imagination even further into the world of storytelling.  Inspired by gargantuan worlds of dinosaurs and mischievous pirates in “Jurassic Park” and “Hook,” unlikely superheroes in “Power Rangers” and “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer,” the dancing, singing romances of “Grease,” ”Footloose,” “Dirty Dancing,” and the traitorous adventures of “Indiana Jones” and “The Goonies." Alexander searched for his own creative outlets which began with art and creative writing. Singing and acting lessons lead to stage performances in “Les Miserables,” “RENT,” “Hairspray,” and the cult classic, “The Rocky Horror Show.” 

Alexander’s credits span from stage to screen, including performances in award winning films such as “G.B.F.,”,“Weedjies: Halloweed Night,” and in the independent phycological thriller, “Dead Voices.”  In 2016, Alexander booked his first commercial for beauty brand, Urban Decay. The following year, Alexander starred in the international fashion short film, “Moon Girls,” which was recognized at Milan Fashion Week. 


Today, Alexander is filming the supernatural thriller, "Remember." Next year he will star in the indie-feature teen comedy, “Sucker,” filming in May 2023. He continues to expand his creative endeavors in front of and behind the camera, with his own feature film scripts in development through his production company, Bellator Productions.  In October 2022, Alexander will be making his feature film directorial debut with a hilarious and timeless rom-com. 



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