Recent Roles

In the before time, aka Covid-19, I starred in a short thriller, Crimson Cuffs, which circulated film festivals across the United States and the United Kingdom. Crimson Cuffs won several film awards, including Best Short Film & Best Director. 

Upcoming Projects

This summer I will be starring as Charlie in the supernatural thriller, "Remember." Shooting begins in mid-June, 2022 in North Carolina. 

In 2020, I established Bellator Productions, an independent film company. Currently, Unseen, a phycological thriller, is in development. Two additional feature films, Sucker, a coming of age teen-comedy, and Roulette, a modern twist on William Shakespeare's, Romeo & Juliet, are also in development. 

Greetings! My name is Alexander. 

You probably know me from a few films that I've starred in. I've also written and produced a film or two. Perhaps you've seen those?

I'm not the prettiest guy around but I'm also not too ogor-ish. (I hope...)

I'm a pretty decent and charming guy, although I tend to play troubled gents who often find themselves in precarious situations... or who cry... a lot! 

Check out my work below to hire me for your next film.