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Founded by Alexander Rain, Bellator Productions is a media company with a collectible, timeless, and creative experience that explores the magic of storytelling. Within every production, we highlight special collaborations, bringing a voice to the rising stars of tomorrow while also collaborating with faces that you already know both behind and in front of the camera.

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Four high school seniors navigate their final weeks of senior year. As graduation approaches, they are hit with a surge of 80’s & 90’s nostalgia and embark on uncharted and awkward terrains of sex, love, drugs, punk-rock & roll, and the true meaning of friendship.

Genre | Indie-Teen Comedy

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A recently blinded man is terrorized by home invaders.
Genre | Crime, Drama, Thriller


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Untitled RomCom

A young New York socialite becomes interested in a young man after they become trapped inside their apartment building elevator, but her troubled past threatens to get in the way. 

"We discover and bring to life stories, from across the country, that connect audiences, weather that's through love, or passion, relatability, fear, suspense, a sense of far off wonderment, the bizarre, or hilarious joy." - Alexander Rain 

Partners & Sponsorships

Bellator Productions has partnered with established players within the entertainment community including Wave Motion Pictures, and are sponsored by

Authentic Brands Group. 

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